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October 7th 2023

On October 7, 2023, thousands of armed Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists used tractors, RPGs and explosives to tear down large sections of the Gaza security fence and invade southern Israel.

At the same time, Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired thousands of rockets at Israel. The terrorists successfully breached the fence in vehicles and on foot. Some used motorized paragliders to fly over the fence, and others tried to invade through the sea to reach Israel’s Zikim beach. The terrorists split up and made their way to a number of Israeli towns and IDF bases around the Gaza Strip.

This is the moment when the massacre began. They entered towns, shooting at anything that moved. They broke into civilian homes, shooting, burning, raping and beheading. Over 1,400 civilians were murdered and over 203 kidnapped. Hamas terrorists briefly took control of some 10 Israeli towns, terrorizing and brutalizing their residents.

Simultaneously, additional terrorists drove to the Nova Music Festival, which was taking place in a nearby open area. Partygoers woke up to the sound of sirens and attempted to evacuate due to the threat of rockets. Many of them did not reach safety. The terrorists fired indiscriminately at thousands of civilians who came from all over the world to celebrate peace through music. They massacred hundreds, raped young women, brutalized their bodies, and abducted many. 360 bodies were later found in the area of the festival, most of them belonging to young men and women—innocent youth.

Cribs and baby carriers were found blood stained. Families were found embracing each other, lifeless, burned alive. Pets were left behind, among them a dog refusing to leave a child’s bed, waiting for its owners who would never return.

October 7th will forever be remembered as a dark day in Israel’s history and in humanity’s history. A reminder that there are humans capable of utterly inhumane things.

For this reason, we have recorded here all the atrocities we could find on social media. We all must witness and make sure it never happens again.

But we have to warn you, the footage is extremely graphic and unlike anything seen before. Please be careful with your mental health.

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